SharePoint Symposium 2016 Presentations

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Keynote Panel: Hacking KM
Keynote: Search & Big Data Is Evolving— Are You?
OPENING KEYNOTE: Have We Reached Peak SharePoint?
Practical Techniques for Ensuring SharePoint Success
“We Built It, But Why Won’t They Come?” Practical Advice to Overcome Common User Adoption and Change Hurdles for SharePoint
Susan S. Hanley - 1330_Hanley.pptx
SharePoint User Experience: Best Practices Used to Inform Better Design
KEYNOTE: Stump the SharePoint Guru

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Keynote: Future-Proofing Organizations
Keynote: Creating the Intelligent Workplace: Think Proficiency, Not Efficiency
SharePoint Health Check
Effective IA Strategies for SharePoint and O365
Attendee Luncheon Keynote - Adoption of SharePoint Technology: Key to Success
Spotlight on Solutions
Strategies for Transitioning From SP On-Prem to O365
Leveraging SharePoint to Succeed With Your Digital Workplace Strategy
Camille Wellard - 1500_Wellard.pdf
7 Deadly Sins of SharePoint