Nate Allen
U.S. Army, National Defense University iCollege, & Co-Founder, and
At National Defense University’s iCollege Nate teaches on subjects related to leadership and organizational development. Previously Nate served as Chief, Business Transformation Division within the Army’s Office of Business Transformation. Nate served in units throughout the Army as an infantry officer and as a West Point professor. He is co-founder of and Nate coauthored two books, Taking the Guidon, a practical guide to leadership at the company level & CompanyCommand: Unleashing the Power of the Army Profession, focused around development of distributed communities of practice.

Jeremy Bentley
Head, Strategy, MarkLogic
Jeremy Bentley is the founder and CEO of Smartlogic. He is an engineer by training and has spent much of his career solving enterprise information management problems. His clients are innovators who build new products using Semaphore’s modeling, auto-classification, text analytics and visualization capabilities. They are in many industries, including banking and finance, publishing, oil and gas, government, and life sciences, and have in common a dependence on their information assets and a need to monetize, manage and unify them. Prior to Smartlogic Jeremy was Managing Director of Microbank Software, a US New York based Fintech firm, acquired by Sungard Data Systems. Jeremy has a BSc with honors in mechanical engineering from Edinburgh University.

Tony Byrne
Founder, Real Story Group
Tony Byrne oversees all Real Story Group's technology streams.

In 2001, Tony founded CMS Watch as a vendor-independent analyst firm that evaluates digital markting and workplace technologies and publishes research comparing different solutions head-to-head. Today Real Story Group covers ten different marketplaces, with a focus on customer experience technologies. 

Unique in the analyst industry, Real Story Group only works for technology buyers and never vendors.  RSG's vendor evaluations are considered the toughest in the industry, and research and advisory services for DX/CX stack owners offers unique candor and depth.


Nancy Dixon
Principal & Founder, Common Knowledge Associates
Nancy Dixon is a thought leader in the field of Knowledge Management.  She has been a consultant to the most celebrated knowledge management companies with a rich experience in the corporate, government and international development sectors.  Her capabilities include: Designing interactive virtual team meetings; Increasing collaboration among virtual team members; Designing state-of-the-art convening to develop KM strategy and Delivering interactive workshops to teach KM processes.

Before founding Common Knowledge Associates in 2000, she was a Professor at the George Washington University for 15 years, and before that at the University of Texas, in Austin. She holds a Ph.D. in Administration with a minor in Sociology. She have written eight books as well as over 50 articles that focus on how organizations learn. Her books include Common Knowledge: How Companies Thrive by Sharing What They Know, CompanyCommand: Unleashing the Power of the Army Profession,  Dialogue at Work, and  The Organization Learning Cycle,  Her  latest thinking is on my blog, “Conversation Matters” at   

Mary-Jo Foley
Editor, All About Microsoft, ZDNet

Mary Jo Foley has been a tech journalist for almost 30 years. She currently is the editor of the "All About Microsoft" blog ( on ZDNet. She also is the author of "Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft Plans to Stay Relevant in the Post-Gates Era" (John Wiley & Sons, 2008) and co-host of the "Windows Weekly" podcast on the TWiT Network. Foley covers the people, products and strategies that affect Microsoft, its customers, its partners and its competitors, with a special emphasis on business-related topics.

Bob German
SharePoint Practice Director, BlueMetal Architects
Bob German is SharePoint Practice Director at BlueMetal Architects, where he leads the development and deployment of SharePoint solutions for enterprise customers. Bob has been developing on the SharePoint platform since it was called “Site Server”, and is a co-author of SharePoint 2010 Development with Silverlight for Addison-Wesley. Prior to joining BlueMetal, Bob was an architect at the Microsoft Technology Center in Boston, MA; he also worked for Microsoft Consulting Services building and performance tuning web sites and other networking solutions.

Jarrod Gingras
Managing Director & Analyst, Real Story Group
Jarrod Gingras is Real Story Group’s Managing Director and an analyst covering Digital Workplace and Marketing technologies. He is the author of The Right Way to Select Technology, published by Rosenfeld Media.

As a conference speaker and consultant, he regularly advises some of the world’s largest and most complicated enterprises on their enterprise information challenges.

Prior to joining Real Story Group, Jarrod worked as a web developer, information architect and user interface designer at a systems integration firm, where he developed user-focused content management strategies and solutions for clients in a multitude of industries.

Jarrod’s passions include following Boston’s sports teams, relaxing in Costa Rica with his wife Lindsey, and helping enterprises select the right technology for their unique needs.

Jon Handler
Solutions Architect, CloudSearch, A9
Jon Handler is the Solutions Architect for Amazon CloudSearch at A9, an Amazon subsidiary. Jon works with customers planning and implementing a wide range of search and information retrieval projects using CloudSearch. Previously Jon was Engineering Manager at, an eBay company.

Jon holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Northwestern University.

Richard Harbridge
CTO, 2toLead
"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and never confuse the two." - The MCM Motto

Over the past 7 years I have had the pleasure of working extensively with SharePoint as an end user, developer, administrator, architect, business analyst, and consultant. In this time I defined, architected, developed, and implemented well over a hundred SharePoint solutions from small implementations of WSS on a single server, to 80,000+ user implementations in international organizations.

Technology, challenges, and business are the things I am most passionate about. These passions have resulted in me working with truly fantastic people who I admire, and respect for their dedication, intelligence, and generosity. I absolutely love learning, and have found that people seem to love teaching, sharing, and helping as much as I do. As a result I have a habit of getting involved in a great many community and professional events (organizing and presenting) which always leave me a bit smarter, stronger, more humbled and better off.

I hope to see you/speak with you at SharePoint Symposium as it's an amazing event where hundreds of people exchange and share experience, knowledge, and relationships to help us all become even better at our jobs and the things we are passionate about.

Miles Kehoe
Founder & President, New Idea Engineering
Miles Kehoe is the founder and president of New Idea Engineering, Inc, a company that specializes in selecting, implementing, deploying and managing enterprise search platforms. He is a consultant, author, speaker, and industry thought leader with more than 20 years of experience in enterprise search. He has authored three books including Professional Microsoft Search covering FAST ESP and Microsoft SharePoint Search. He blogs at

Gary Klein
Senior Scientist, MacroCognition LLC
Gary Klein, Ph.D., is a Senior Scientist at MacroCognition LLC. He was instrumental in founding the field of Naturalistic Decision Making. Dr. Klein received his Ph.D. in experimental psychology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1969. He spent the first phase of his career in academia as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Oakland University (1970-1974).  The second phase was spent working for the government as a research psychologist for the U.S. Air Force (1974-1978). The third phase began in 19878 when he founded his own R&D company, Klein Associates, which grew to 37 people by the time it was acquired by Applied Research Associates (ARA) in 2005.

Dr. Klein developed a Recognition-Primed Decision (RPD) model in 1985 to describe how people actually make decisions in natural settings. This research was subsequently incorporated in Army doctrine for command and control.  He presented a PreMortem method of risk assessment in 1998.  In 2007 he developed a naturalistic model of sensemaking, the Data/Frame model. In 2009 he presented a Management by Discovery account of how people plan when faced with ill-defined goals.  He described a multi-path model of insight in 2011.  He is a Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

He has written: Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions (1998); The Power of Intuition (2004); Working Minds: A practitioner’s guide to Cognitive Task Analysis (Crandall, Klein, & Hoffman, 2006); and Streetlights and Shadows: Searching for the keys to adaptive decision making (2009)

Patrick Lambe
Principal Consultant, Straits Knowledge, Author, Principles of Knowledge Auditing
Patrick Lambe is the author of the newly-published book "Principles of Knowledge Auditing: Foundations for KM Implementation" (MIT Press 2023), of the widely-praised book "Organising Knowledge: Taxonomies, Knowledge and Organisational Effectiveness" (Elsevier Chandos 2007) and co-author with Nick Milton of "The Knowledge Managers Handbook: a step by step guide to implementing KM in your organization" 2nd edn (Kogan Page 2019), which was awarded the 2019 CILIP K&IM Information Resources Prize in the Print Category. Based in Ireland and Singapore, he is the founder of knowledge management research and consulting firm Straits Knowledge, founding President of the International Society for Knowledge Organization Singapore Chapter, Visiting Professor at Bangkok University, and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Knowledge Management. Patrick was educated at Oxford, did his Master's in Librarianship and Information Studies at the University of London, and has worked for the past 40 years in librarianship, learning and development, elearning and knowledge management. He is a widely respected keynote speaker and writer on knowledge and information management issues, and his blog is at

Hugh McKellar
Chair, SharePoint Symposium & Editor-in-Chief KMWorld, KMWorld Magazine
A former technical editor and writer for the Boeing Company, Hugh McKellar has more than 30 years of experience with the technical and business press in a variety of management roles. Prior to joining KMWorld as Executive Editor in 1999, Hugh developed business plans and content strategies for a number of B2B Web sites. He is a member of the founding board of governors for The George Washington University Institute for Knowledge and Innovation.

Stephen Moore
Kapow Software
Stephen Moore manages the Content Migration vertical at Kapow Software. Stephen has been with Kapow for 4 years and has engaged in over 100 migrations to more than 20 different content platforms.

Shawn Shell
Executive Advisor, Avanade
Shawn Shell is the Executive responsible for Avanade’s Advisory Services practice in the mid-West. Shawn has spent nearly 30 years in the information technology field. For more than a decade, Shawn has concentrated on assisting his clients chart their journey to improved operations and employee productivity through various portal & collaboration solutions, as well as enabling operational technologies. He is an expert on SharePoint, Office 365, cloud-based application development, and IoT solutions. Shawn is also a Contributing Analyst for the Real Story Group and a frequent conference speaker.

Prior to Avanade, Shawn was a Vice President in Hitachi Consulting’s Digital Practice. He was also Founder & Principal Consultant at Consejo, Inc, held various leadership roles at Dell, was an adjunct professor in Rutgers University’s Department of Computer Science, and started his career at Warner-Lambert Company, now Pfizer.

You can follow Shawn on Twitter (@shawnshell)

Dux Raymond Sy
Managing Partner, Innovative-e, Inc.
With over 15 years of experience in Information Technology and Project Management, Dux has earned a reputation as among the leading experts in leveraging technology to enhance project management. A certified Project Management Professional (PMP), he is currently a managing partner and the chief evangelist of Innovative-e, Inc., a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner focused on leading, inspiring and being the catalyst of organizational transformation that enables clients to achieve tangible business result. As a thought leader in maximizing project team collaboration, he is the author of "SharePoint for Project Management" published by O'Reilly Media. He is focused on empowering organizations on how to leverage the benefits of SharePoint technologies with quantifiable goals such as: Increasing productivity and efficiency, decreasing collaboration redundancies and streamlining electronic communications. He has successfully managed the implementation of various SharePoint-based solutions for commercial, educational and government institutions.

A sought after speaker, Dux has presented in various Microsoft and Project Management Institute (PMI) events worldwide. He regularly blogs on topics related to project management, SharePoint and globalization at

Sadalit Van Buren
SharePoint Content Architect, BlueMetal Architects

Sadie Van Buren has spent the past ten years designing SharePoint solutions and leading deployments, while stealthily managing the human and cultural issues common to technology projects. She is a SharePoint Content Architect at BlueMetal Architects, with a strong focus on content experience, business strategy and alignment, information architecture, and business process improvement. Sadie has a Bachelor's degree from Wesleyan University and a Certification in Project Management from Boston University, and is a Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional (MCITP). She is the creator of the SharePoint Maturity Model, and blogs about SharePoint and technology at

David Weinberger
Harvard's Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Author, Everyday Chaos, Everything is Miscellaneous, Too Big to Know, Cluetrain Manifesto (co-author)

David Weinberger writes and speaks about the effect of the technology on ideas, from a background in tech companies and a Ph.D. in philosophy. In five books and countless posts and articles he has explored the effect of the Internet and AI on knowledge, on how we organize our ideas, on the disruptive architecture of the Web, and on the core concepts by which we think about our world.

 His latest book, Everyday Chaos: Technology, Complexity, and How We're Thriving in a New World of Possibility (Harvard Business Review Press) argues that AI and the Internet are transforming our understanding of how the future happens, enabling us to acknowledge the chaotic unknowability of our everyday world. — a Copernican-scale change in our self-understanding.


 David has been a fellow, senior researcher, and member of the Fellows Advisory Board at the Berkman Klein Center since the early 2000s. Trained as a philosopher (with a doctorate from the University of Toronto), David was co-director of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, and a journalism fellow at Harvard's Shorenstein Center. He has also been a marketing VP at pioneering Web companies, an adviser to high tech companies and to presidential campaigns, and a Franklin Fellow at the U.S. State Department. For four years he was embedded as a writer-in-residence and editor-in-residence, part time, in Google AI ethics and humanities groups. He edits the Strong Ideas open access book series for MIT Press.


David Weis
Kapow Software
Responsible for supporting Content Migration Vertical at Kapow Software.

Martin White
Managing Director, Intranet Focus Ltd, UK
Martin White has been advising clients in Europe and North America on intranet, enterprise search and information management strategy development since 1999. Since 2009 most of his engagements have been in the enterprise search sector. He is the author of Enterprise Search (O'Reilly) and has been a Visiting Professor at the Information School, University of Sheffield since 2002.