SharePoint Symposium 2012 Presentations

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

KEYNOTE: Facilitating Knowledge Sharing
KEYNOTE: The Value of Content Intelligence to Big Data
KEYNOTE: Is SharePoint’s Past SharePoint’s Prologue?
Tony Byrne - 1045_Byrne.pdf
SharePoint 2013: What We Know (And Still Don’t) About the Next Office Wave
Mary-Jo Foley - 1200_Foley(1).pptx
A SharePoint Maturity Model
Is Your SharePoint Healthy? What’s the Right Prescription?
Richard Harbridge - 1500_Harbridge.pptx
Coffee in the Enterprise Solutions Showcase
Stump the SharePoint Consultant
Shell, Harbridge & Van_Buren - StumptheSharePointConsultant.pdf

Friday, October 19, 2012

KEYNOTE: KM Saves Lives
KEYNOTE: How The Cloud Transforms Search
Coffee Break in the Enterprise Search Showcase
KEYNOTE: Pundit Debate
Making Sense of Office365 and SharePoint Online
Attendee Luncheon in the Enterprise Solutions Showcase
Spotlight on Solutions: Migrating to SharePoint?
Moore & Weis - 1400_MooreWeis.pptx
The Five Deadly Sins of SharePoint in the Enterprise
Meet the Extranet Challenge and Move the Boundaries of Business Collaboration
Bob German - 1600_German.pptx