Patricia Eng

Certified ISO KM Auditor

Picture of Patricia Eng 

Patricia L. Eng, P.E., served as the US NRC’s Senior Advisor for Knowledge Management from 2008 – 2013 where she managed efforts to collect, capture and categorize knowledge from agency subject matter experts, focusing on areas of highest knowledge risk.  NRC’s KM program saved the agency almost 60 million dollars in operating costs in 2009/2010, receiving the MeriTalk 2010 Merit Award for its innovative approach to enhancing efficient and effective government communications.  After retiring from NRC, Patricia co-authored the book, “Navigating the Minefield: A Practical KM Companion,” based on interviews of 18 successful international KM professionals.  The book has been praised by both KM experts and newbies alike for its no-nonsense, practical approach.  Her second book, The KM Cookbook was published in August 2019 and contains company success stories and strategies for organizations considering implementing ISO Knowledge Management Standard 30401: whether they intend to pursue certification, or simply seek to use it as a framework to review their existing program. A long-time inspector and writer of regulations, she recently became the first certified ISO KM Auditor and is currently working to develop materials to audit KM programs and certify future ISO KM Auditors.  


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