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Aileen Marshall

Application Development & Adoption Strategist

Picture of Aileen MarshallUntil last week Monday, Aileen was a Manager for Knowledge Management at the The Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program, lead by ICF. She has since joined the Corporate IT group as their O365 Subject Matter Expert.

At DHS, she was responsible for the overall development and implementation of the knowledge management strategy and program, utilizing social learning and change management approaches as well as adult learning principles. She advised other parts of the company on knowledge management technologies and approaches, ran a company-wide change management community of interest and developed/maintained the program's SharePoint site collection (SP Online).

Something that has not changed is how she spends her free time: When she's not hiking (with her AmStaff Dutch) or running (without the dog ... he hates running), she loves to bake or play with new tools and technologies (Office 365 and beyond).

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