Making the Magic Happen 

Between a query box and search results lies a realm of black box magic—or at least that's how it appears to our users. Those charged with creating, managing, and maintaining search and discovery functionality know it's hard work that makes the magic happen. 

About Enterprise Search & Discovery 

The many aspects of search and discovery include customers finding products, companies monetizing real-time activities, and organizations maximizing the data they own. Leveraging internal data in light of cloud computing, outcome-based metrics, adaptive filtering, taxonomy and metadata tools, predictive analysis, open source, knowledge graphs, and mobile delivery raises people's expectations for search and discovery. Add Big Data into the mix, and we have lots of magic to explore! Let's rethink how to handle search, databases, analysis, and decision making. 

Who Should Attend

Enterprise Search & Discovery is design for anyone responsible for organizing, managing, and retrieving internal and/or external information, including: 

  • Search managers
  • Line-of-business departmental managers
  • IT managers
  • Information & knowledge architects
  • Compliance and legal officers
  • Customer experience/customer care managers
  • Intranet/portal managers
  • Executive VPs and directors
  • Web publishers and developers
  • Information professionals
  • Content managers
  • Knowledge management professionals
  • Information governance directors
  • Financial executives 
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