SharePoint Symposium 2011 Presentations

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keynote: Let Your Networks Be Your Guide: Search in a 2.0 World
Keynote: KM-Driven Collaboration
SharePoint in 2011: How Did We Get Here?
What Is – And What Isn’t – SharePoint?
Shawn Shell - 1200_Shell.pdf
SharePoint Governance: Gaining Control
Jill Hannemann - 1400_Hannemann.pdf
Richard Harbridge - 1400_Harbridge.pptx
Managing Records in SharePoint
Stump the SharePoint Consultant

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Continental Breakfast
Keynote: Industry Analyst Debate
The Real Cost of SharePoint
Shawn Shell - 1045_Shell.pdf
Spotlight on Solutions
Lessons Learned From the SharePoint Trenches
Judith Theodori - 1400_Theodori(1).pptx
Plugging SharePoint’s Gaps: Strategic Alternatives
Closing Keynote: KM From the Bottom Up