A special thanks to all the attendees, speakers, and sponsors for making
SharePoint Symposium 2013 a success!
Save the date! SharePoint Symposium 2014 | November 6 - 7 
Grand Hyatt Washington DC

SharePoint Symposium 2013

The SharePoint Symposium aims to be something very different, a conference on the topic of Microsoft SharePoint that does not proselytize. Whether you already have SharePoint in your organization or are looking to acquire it, you will encounter no sales pitches here.

What you will experience are sessions led by true industry experts that will lead you through the pros and cons and strengths and weaknesses of SharePoint in practice. From managing (and avoiding) the threat of sprawl and viral growth, to considering Cloud alternatives and add-on technologies, all the conference sessions will draw from real-life experience and best practices from leading practitioners.

  • SharePoint Today: It's past and future
  • Lessons learned from the SharePoint trenches
  • Plugging SharePoint's gaps: Strategic Alternatives
  • SharePoint in a mobile and social world
  • 2013 Migration and Maturity Strategies
  • Office 365 Pros and Cons
  • Industry Analyst Debate

Who Should Attend and What You Will Learn

Anyone revisiting or updating their enterprise SharePoint strategy who wants unbiased information on the platform, including

  • Business Analysts - to learn what SharePoint does and doesn't offer out of the box.
  • Information and Knowledge Managers - to understand how SharePoint fits alongside information and knowledge management tools in your enterprise.
  • SharePoint Project Managers, Senior Architects and Lead Developers - to understand how others have fared with the latest version of the platform.
  • SharePoint Evaluation Teams - to level-set understanding and terminology among the team, and make more informed choices about whether and where to employ SharePoint.
  • Enterprise Architects and IT Managers - to better guide business colleagues about choices and impacts before they try to dive into SharePoint initiatives within the organization.
  • Consultants and System Integrators - to understand where SharePoint works well, and where it does not, providing more value to clients.

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