The intensive, two-day SharePoint Symposium offers independent assessments of SharePoint that will help you make better decisions about whether—and where—to employ the platform. Through presentations, case studies, networking and interaction, the Symposium will enable you determine how, when, and why to use (or not use) the nearly ubiquitous platform.

You’ll hear from a variety of different perspectives to help understand how well SharePoint "fits" into different types and sizes of enterprises with different business objectives.

The Symposium will also prepare you for developing a broader SharePoint strategy for your enterprise, empowering business and technology managers to reach a common assessment of what SharePoint can and can't do effectively. You’ll come away able to confidently assess and plan any effort to extend SharePoint beyond a set of departmental installations into an enterprise-wide platform.

About the SharePoint Symposium

The Symposium is divided into four half-day tracks, with a mix of analytical sessions, case-studies and audience participation.

  • 1) SharePoint Pros and Cons
    Learn from customers, integrators, and analysts about what works well in SharePoint, and what doesn’t.
  • 2) SharePoint Across the Enterprise
    SharePoint often starts at the departmental level and spreads virally from there, but what are the key considerations when you want to implement it across a large enterprise? Come get answers.
  • 3) The SharePoint Ecosystem
    SharePoint is more than a platform. It’s a community of consultants, integrators, trainers, and third-party software vendors, all competing for your attention and wallet. Find out which alternatives—if any—make sense for you.
  • 4) SharePoint in the Public Sector
    Come hear from federal and local agencies who have implemented SharePoint. What were the key challenges they overcame? How did they deal with critical issues of governance and records management? Find out here.

Who Should Attend and What You Will Learn

Anyone considering implementing SharePoint who wants unbiased information on the platform, including

  • Business Analysts - to learn what SharePoint does and doesn't offer out of the box.
  • Information and Knowledge Managers - to understand how SharePoint fits alongside information and knowledge management tools in your enterprise.
  • SharePoint Project Managers, Senior Architects and Lead Developers - to understand how others have fared with the latest version of the platform.
  • SharePoint Evaluation Teams - to level-set understanding and terminology among the team, and make more informed choices about whether and where to employ SharePoint.
  • Enterprise Architects and IT Managers - to better guide business colleagues about choices and impacts before they try to dive into SharePoint initiatives within the organization.
  • Consultants and System Integrators - to understand where SharePoint works well, and where it does not, providing more value to clients

Information Today, Inc. reserves the right to change the conference schedule, topics, and/or speakers if necessary.

Highlighted Speakers

Tony Byrne
President & Principal Analyst, Real Story Group

Russ Edelman
President & CEO, Corridor Consulting, Inc.

Rob Koplowitz
Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Vanessa Alvarez
Industry Analyst, Information, Communications & Technologies, Forrester Research